The best African leader: Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma

Nomakhavela Magazine wish recognize Mr. Jacob Zuma the ex president of South Africa. Nomakhavela Magazine wish to appreciate his work that he portrayed over the past years, he is truly a South African and African patriot.

I believe South Africa trampled his work under her feet by not recognizing his work whereas he sacrificed a lot for her.

Jacob Zuma was born in the rural areas of Nkandla on the 12 April 1942. Jacob Zuma lost his father when he was four years old, he would work temporary jobs to put food on the table.

Jacob Zuma joined Umkhonto Wesizwe in 1960’s an ANC wing that was formed to fight with apartheid government.

Jacob Zuma was forced to go to another countries for his safety. He left South Africa in 1975 to Swaziland after he was released from prison after serving 10 years in jail for conspiracy to overthrow apartheid government.

Jacob Zuma proceeded to Mozambique where he served as a Deputy Chief Representative of ANC.

In 1986 South African Apartheid government forced Mozambique to release six seniors of the ANC including Jacob Zuma he then moved to Lusaka in Zambia and appointed as a Head of Underground Structure.

Jacob Zuma returned to South Africa in 1990, he was instrumental in fighting violence between the ANC and IFP especially in KZN. He then became a president in 2009 until he resigned in 2018 following scandals that was leveled against him.

It is utmost important that South Africa and Africa as whole recognize and respect her leaders, putting aside political games and slander.

Wearing masks for long might causes some health issues as well.

Masks are a prerequisite in these days of the Coronavirus that hit the whole world including South Africa.

When we are breathing we exhale what is termed carbon dioxide: CO2 and inhale fresh oxygen termed oxide: O2.

Carbon dioxide is a gas produced by our bodies as a waste therefore taking it back to your system can lead to various health complications that were shown on the image above.

Masks were not meant to be worn for prolonged time periods but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, masks are worn for almost everyday.

Nomakhavela Magazine appeals to people to get masks that would allow natural breathing patterns uncompromised, thick texture or material used to make your mask might be health hazardous to your life.

Breathing your own CO2 is literal associated with consuming your own stool of which it also carries insurmountable health hazards.

Can human beings live in space?

It’s has been a month the astronauts: Bob Behnken and Daug Harley headed up their way into the International Space Station (ISS). Their rocket called Space X blasted off on the 30 May 2020 and they spent 22 hours before docking at the ISS.

Space X and Boeing were awarded a contract by Nasa as private companies to build their own rockets of which Boeing was unsuccessful to build one but Space X managed to build their rocket that put Bob and Daug Harley into the space.

It has been 9 years since the Space Shuttle was retired and Nasa paid almost $90 million for a one seat to the ISS, there is no doubt that Space X will rescue Nasa to fork out such collosal amount of money.

Space X is also working its way to colonize Mars in the near future, probably by 2023 it will be able to send manned space craft to the Mars to check if human can live in the red planet.