Izinamba ezithusayo ze HIV/Aids eMzansi ne Afrika.

Ziya ngokwenyuka izibalo zabahaqwe ubhubhane i HIV/Aids e Ningizimu Afrika njengoba izibalo zilinganiselwa ku 7500 000 zabantu okuhlanganisa abadala nabancane.

Lezibalo zikhishwe Inhlangano ezimele i The Joint United Nations Programmer on HIV/Aids (UNAIDS).

Uma sibheka ubuningi babantu base Botswana inani labo lilinganiselwa ku 2 394 807.

Siphinde sibheke inani labantu base Swazini abalingisenelwa emananini angu 1 148 000.

Lokhu kusho ukuthi abantu abahaqwe I HIV/Aids e Mzansi badlula ubiningi bezwe lase Swazini nase Botswana.

I Nomakhavela Magazine ikhuthaza ukuziphatha kubantu ngendlela ukuze impilo ibe mnandi ibe yinde.

Moving a hand from the steering wheel to adjust sun visor against the sun rays can cause a car accident.

Manual adjustable sun visor.

Sun visors have never received any upgrades attention in terms of technological development in the automotive industry.

Cars have significantly improved over the years and manufacturers are looking to deliver better performing models on a regular basis.

From seatbelts to automatic parking and everything in between, technology in cars keeps getting better and more advanced, but the sun visors are still operated manually.

It can be a great thing to operate sun saver using recent technological advancement in a car.

Moving a hand from the steering wheel to adjust sun visor against the sun rays can cause a car accident because you won’t have a full control of the vehicle while the sun rays are blocking your vision simultaneously.

Automative industry should consider upgrading cars’ sun visors to be adjusted using the best technological advancement at hand.

Bone of contention over Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ethiopian colossal dam in Africa.

Ethiopia is in the process of building a $5 billion dam which that project is about to be completed.

Ethiopia is building this dam called Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to generate 60 % electricity for the Ethiopians.

The project started in April 2011 and is due to finish in 2023. Italian company called Webuild awarded a tender to build GERD.

Building of GERD will contain the water from the Blue Nile River which Egypt and Sudan are depending on for many reasons such irritating their crops and drinkable water for their live stock.

Both countries have tried for almost 10 years to stop Ethiopia from building the dam because they are of the view that water supply won’t be sufficient for their daily needs as result their live stock and cattle would be affected.

Ethiopia resolved that they will continue to complete the project despite complaints raised by Ethiopia and Sudan.

A chairman of the African Union who is also the president of DRC; Felix Tshisekedi is expected to intervene to find some solutions between these countries.