Narrations v6

There are things you never thought that would happen to you, I never thought that one day I will eat my own baby 🤱.

My husband was the foreign national, coming from Northern East Africa, he told me that the reason why he left his country was because of the ethnical wars that are rife in his land.

He was a renowned house 🏡 builder in my country.
I trusted him because he showed me the true meaning of love.

We got involved and had a baby 🤱 girl.
One day he said to me he was willing to take me to his country to introduce me to his family 👪 and said he was told that ethnic wars were no longer prevalent.

I agreed, we then took a flight and got to his country. He chose to fly because he said it was risky to drive because of the armed troops at the borders.

We went to his house 🏡 where they welcomed us, I noticed that development was very far from them because their houses were made of grass.

Me and my daughter were ushered inside one of the huts where we spent almost six hours without anyone coming to check upon us. Later on my husband came bac

k and I told him that me and child were hungry.
He apologized for taking some long time ⌚, it was because he was greeting his family at large. I told him I needed to buy some small items for the baby.

He said shops were little bit far away , but he could organize a transport for me. I left a baby with him and went to the shops.

I came back and was offered something to eat, I ate hastily because I was starving like a leech, I then asked where my children 🧒 and her father were from the woman who brought food 🍲. She said he was still showing her to his family at large.

I relaxed and later on I was convened to join his family at another huge hut. I went out and got inside that hut.

They made me sit on the mat, they were many and my husband was amongst them, they all gazed at me, without breathing any words, and that gave me creeps.

I looked around them but couldn’t see who was holding my baby. I composed myself and asked where my baby was.

My husband answered me that the food 🍲 that I ate was my baby. I asked him to repeat what he was saying. He said I got him very well, he boldly repeated what he said initially.

Tears welled up my eyes 👀 and cried, one of the family members said there were more ready to feast on me as well. Suddenly a door 🚪 was kicked opened by the armed soldiers and they shot all the men in the room and raped women.

During a commotion and stamped, I was forced out at the side of a hut since it was made out of grass and ran away.

I spent day and night 🌃 walking to the destination I didn’t know. I would sleep in the mountain gorges without food 🍲.

I spent weeks and months in wild, one day I woke up in the morning and proceeded with my journey, some troops saw me and begun to chase me with floods of bullets, I jumped over a cliff and dropped off in the biggest river I have never seen.

I was good at swimming 🏊, the river was fraught of crocodiles 🐊 but I managed to make it across and continued with my journey.

I got to the dirty road and saw a truck 🚚 approaching, I flagged it down, it stopped next me and

I got inside where I found a couple of men and women that got luggage.

They greeted in the language I couldn’t understand, I said I was fine and asked where they were heading to.

I found out that they were traveling to South Africa but using dirty roads to avoid officials at the border.

We got to South Africa, but police 🚨 caught us and found out we were not having papers to be in the country.

We were taken to the police cells and news 📰 were all over the media about the truck 🚚 that were loaded illegal immigrants.

I tried to plead with that I was a South African, and reported my account but no one listened to me since we were on the wrong side of the law ⚖.

We were repatriated to Sudan again, I lived with a woman 👩 that became my friend on our way back. I lost all hopes that I would ever see my family in homeland.

I spent three years living with my friend, she introduced me to church ⛪ where I met the lover of my life.

I got married to him, he said his family used an African magic to commit evil 😈 doings.

I believed him since his life was committed to God. We started a family 👪 and became a citizen of Sudan.

Narrations v5

The car 🚙 we were traveling in, was washed away by the strong current as the river was flooded after the heavy rain.

We were coming from the wedding 💒 of my cousin. On our way back there was a severe storm that made a river to swell uncontrollable.

I thought 💭 I’d make it across on the other side of the river since the water was still minimal but water came gushing strong in the middle and the car bogged down.

I was with my three sons God had blessed me with, the car was pushed away and fell off from the bridge 🌉 and floated away, and the doors were opened while the car was twisting and turning by the strong current.

We all scattered around. Swimming 🏊 was one of my traits, but I had never swim through the moving stones, muddy water and logs.

I had to save my children that were on the verge of dying through drowning, I dived down and was on the hunting expedition for my sons.

Luckily, I found two of them, I swam to the bank of the river and left them on the ground. I had to go back and look for the other one.

Logs and debris were hitting my body and I lost hope if I would ever find my son alive.
I swam down the river and found my son floating, recovered him, and emergency vehicles had already arrived, we were taken to the hospital 🏥.

My sons were all survived, but doctors had to amputate my leg because it was severely hit by the rocks and debris.

We were discharged from the hospital and went back to home 🏡. I was using wheelchair ♿ and crutches to walk.

My heroic deed to save all my children was the talk of the town, journalists were coming and go from the house 🏡.

My sons grew up and I was happy about them and proud that I managed to save them all when we were being washed away by the river.

My first born still remember what went down on that day, but the last two son couldn’t remember because they were young to recall.

I wish their father would be here to watch them growing up, but he died when they were very small.

I was offended when my sons would not tell me if there was a parents meeting because they scared of being mocked as I was disabled I wished if their father was still around, he would attend those meetings and guide them.

I was happy when my sons were at the adolescent age, but they started to misbehave when they would go to parties with friends and sometimes not coming home.

I was heartbroken when my sons started to use drugs. They all dropped out from school, I was a successful tailor in town, but my business failed since my sons sold everything including equipment in the house 🏡.

I had registered for the disability grant and would be able to put food 🍲 on the table. They would hit me and demand the money 💵 from me to buy drugs.

They were in and out from the prison and I was no longer happy with them, there would be times where I wish I couldn’t save them from being washed away from the river.

I thought they would appreciate and proud of what I did for them. I thought they would finish the school and become professionals in their own respective fields of interest but they became a disgrace in my life.

My sons were all arrested for theft and burglary. This time around I could not able to save them.

Narrations v4

My husband killed my daughter because he thought she took his money 💵.

He was a car mechanic, money that he normally got from his customers, would be in cash and he chose to keep it in the house 🏡 rather than in the bank 🏦 for the reasons that known to himself.

One day he was fuming over his cash that he couldn’t able to find it where he put it.

We searched the whole house 🏡 as I was helping him to look for it, but we couldn’t find any monies.

He decided to consult a traditional healer, I accompanied him.

The traditional healer threw up some bones and staff on the mat.

He took some time ⌚ as if he was reading 📖 something, eventually said, he was seeing a young lady taking his money away in the house 🏡.

We went back home as he was angry 😡 as wasp. I could see he was suspecting our one and only daughter who turned 17 years old the day before.

I am not a person whose beliefs are based on the traditional healers, as I was speaking to him about it and tried to making him understand that traditional healer was lying 🤥, it couldn’t be our daughter that stole his money 💵.

He seemed not taking what I was saying, though he was traditional man who still holds onto his basics, he neither shout nor hitting anyone, he was the salt of the earth, that gave me some hopes that he would managed his anger.

We got home 🏡, still angry as a furnace, he was kicking and throwing everything in the house 🏡 uncontrollable, I couldn’t able to handle him.

Our daughter came back late in the evening 🌃, holding some plastic bags as she did her shopping 🛒 on that day for clothing with the money I gave her as a birthday 🎂 gift.

On her arrival, he went straight up to her, snatched away her belongings and threw them around, he pushed her on the floor and started to flog her severely keeping asking her where his money was.

I tried to meddle between them but he hit me on my face with his fist 🤜 and I found myself on the floor.

As I was lying on the floor, I saw something like a bag underneath the couch 🛋, I woke up staggering and recovered a bag under the coach, I opened it and found cash stashed inside.

I threw the bag at him and he stopped beating her.
I rushed and kneeled beside my daughter.

I shook her but she was nonresponsive and I discovered she lost her conscious. I called an ambulance 🚑, she was declared dead on the scene, meanwhile I heard a gun 🔫 shot at the bedroom.

I opened the door and found my husband lying in the pool of blood, with a suicidal note 🗒 that he was sorry, money 💵 was mislaid by him.

Narrations V3

I caught my wife with a man in my bedroom, someone tipped me off that every morning if I leave for work a man would comes in afterwards.

One day I was off from work and pretended as if I was going to work and came back within a short period of time ⌚.

The front door 🚪 was still opened, I went straight to my bedroom where I found a man 👨 sleeping 😴 in my bedroom. He jumped off and hit me on my face, he ran off leaving behind his suits.

I then left my wife and went to work as usual.
I came back in the afternoon to my house 🏡, she prepared a supper and we ate it together as usual.

We went to sleep as usual. She apologized for what happened, and I accepted her apology. I woke in the morning and prepared the breakfast 🥣 in bed for her as usual and went to work.

I came back in the afternoon and she had already prepared a supper for us, she served it, before we ate I told her to bring another plate.

She ask who that plate was, I said it was for the visitor. She brought a plate and I dish it up and brought a chair and made a suit that belonged to the man 👨 escaped to seat on the chair.

We ate our supper and went to sleep as usual. She kept on apologizing and beg me to hit her.

In the morning I woke up and prepared her breakfast 🥣 in bed 🛏 as usual, I kissed 😘 her and left for work.

One day she told me that she’d host a house 🏘 warming party 🎉. We invited all friends we had and work colleagues to the party.

When refreshments were to be served around the table, I rouse up and thanked all the guests that came and I mentioned that there was only one guest that I needed to introduce, all the visitors were waiting with unabated breath for the new guest.

I went to the bedroom and brought a man’s suite and made it to sit on the chair and I dish a plate for it. Everyone laughed 😂 and my wife’s friends asked her what was I doing, she said it was the game we used to play.

We went to sleep and in the morning, she was not in the bed 🛏.

I called her name, she was not responding and I went outside and found her hanging on tree

Narrations v2

In my life I have one unsuccessful relationships due to the fact that I was unable to bear children.

My first fiancé had been together for the past five years. One day said he would love to have a baby with me.

Yes, I thought I was ready to have a baby because he had already paid brides prize and we were both earning enough to support our baby.

Something unusual happened, year went by without conceiving, then we decided to consult a doctor.

It was Thursday, the 29th June 2017 in the afternoon when my whole world came crumbling down into pieces.

The doctor took some couple of tests from me and came back to inform us that, I would never conceive a baby due to my ovulation problems.

My fiancé also underwent same tests from his urologist, to detect his abilities to impregnate, he was found not to have any issues.

We returned home and he told me that there is nothing would ever change the way he loved.
He continued to support me to get over my ordeal, and I thanked God for giving me someone who continues to love me despite of such black cloud that engulfed me.

Everything and anything went well as usual until I noticed his behaviors towards me changing bit by bit.

He was no longer contacting me at work every now and then, he would not come home. One day he was bathing and his phone was ringing, I answered it, a lady’s voice asked to speak with the father of her child.

I asked her who was the father of her child, he mentioned the name of my fiancé: Thabo Mweli.

I then asked her to hold the line, while I was off to him, I went to him and handed over the phone with a loud speaker.

A lady sounded so excited that Thabo should come to the hospital, her delivery was successful.

Tears well up my eyes and remained dumbfounded, I don’t when he dressed himself but I heard a car engine starting and he left.

He went on that day and never came back. He would take care of any costs in the house, now he had gone, I left with no options except to move out of the house, because he had found his happiness somewhere else.

I didn’t have any friends that a shoulder to cry on as they all disappeared into thin air. I then went to loyal friends of mine: my mother and father that gave me hope to see another day.

My parents were supportive ever since they got to know my situation. It took me couple of weeks to forgive and forget, I picked up the pieces and moved on.

I began to attend church for spiritual uplifting. One day a handsome man approached me after the church service, he asked me if I he could take me out, I assented to his request. When I got home, I spoke to my mother about him, she asked me his name, I told her he was Mandla.

My mother was rather reluctant for me to strike any relationship after what happened.

I told my mother that, Mandla is Christian, he would hear my story and love me nonetheless.
Although my mother was doubtful about Mandla, but me I was really looking forward meeting with him.

We promised to meet each other on the Saturday afternoon, day drew near and near and we finally met. He told me he was interested on me and wanted to settle down and start a family.

His last words of settling down and start a family, ate me up, that I found myself weeping. He asked me if I was alright. I struggled with some thoughts of not to tell him or tell him, I thought it was to early to let him know that, what if he fades away again.

Another thought was telling me to let a cat 🙀 outside the bag 🛄 for him to make valid choices.

I found myself stammering with words, he just pulled out his ironed handkerchief and wiped my tears 😭.

He calmed me down and I composed myself and told him my whole story of not bearing babies.

He said, everything happen for the certain reason and God will see us through.

We got married 👰 and lived together. One day I was not feeling well and decided to go to the doctor.

He examined me and suspected that I was pregnant, he advised me to go to the gynecologist, he recommended me the best one he knew in town.

In the outset I was excited, but perish those feelings, as they were lying to myself because that doctor found me not able to have a baby.

It took me few minutes before I reach his surgery. He examined me and confirmed that I was pregnant.

I told him that was not possible because a certain doctor uptown told me a different story, he asked me what was that different story.

I told him that doctor examined me and confirmed that I was barren.

He told me that there are some many bogus doctors, he asked who was that doctor who examined me, I told him who that doctor was, he said that doctor was arrested when found that his practice was not legitimate.

I left the surgery elated and my husband was more than happy and would preach at church about what God had done for him, that I was barren but through Jesus’s mercy, I gave birth to two boys and one girl. When got pregnant again with the third baby, I again went to the gynecologist as he was constantly monitoring growth of my babies.

When I was still on the waiting room, I met a woman 👩 of my age. We greeted each other, she said my sons were cute, I thank her.

She said, would like to have babies one day, I told her she would. She looked sad and despair, she said it has been a while and she can’t conceive.

I told her that I had the same issue and even separated with my fiancé because he found out that I can’t have babies of which I was examined by the bogus doctor 😷, it’s when I realized that I can really have babies after I moved on with my life.

She was looking at me attentively and amazed and said, that man was evil to do such a thing, but I told her it was God’s plan, I asked her what she was waiting for. She said was waiting for her husband to pick her up, had been to the same gynecologist I was visiting that had finished examining her and was found not having any problems.

Meanwhile a door opened, a man came in, and stood before us. She said that was her husband and asked him if he would love to have cute boys as such as mine. He said to her “let’s go, “ he took the few steps and fainted.