Narrations v6

There are things you never thought that would happen to you, I never thought that one day I will eat my own baby 🤱.

My husband was the foreign national, coming from Northern East Africa, he told me that the reason why he left his country was because of the ethnical wars that are rife in his land.

He was a renowned house 🏡 builder in my country.
I trusted him because he showed me the true meaning of love.

We got involved and had a baby 🤱 girl.
One day he said to me he was willing to take me to his country to introduce me to his family 👪 and said he was told that ethnic wars were no longer prevalent.

I agreed, we then took a flight and got to his country. He chose to fly because he said it was risky to drive because of the armed troops at the borders.

We went to his house 🏡 where they welcomed us, I noticed that development was very far from them because their houses were made of grass.

Me and my daughter were ushered inside one of the huts where we spent almost six hours without anyone coming to check upon us. Later on my husband came bac

k and I told him that me and child were hungry.
He apologized for taking some long time ⌚, it was because he was greeting his family at large. I told him I needed to buy some small items for the baby.

He said shops were little bit far away , but he could organize a transport for me. I left a baby with him and went to the shops.

I came back and was offered something to eat, I ate hastily because I was starving like a leech, I then asked where my children 🧒 and her father were from the woman who brought food 🍲. She said he was still showing her to his family at large.

I relaxed and later on I was convened to join his family at another huge hut. I went out and got inside that hut.

They made me sit on the mat, they were many and my husband was amongst them, they all gazed at me, without breathing any words, and that gave me creeps.

I looked around them but couldn’t see who was holding my baby. I composed myself and asked where my baby was.

My husband answered me that the food 🍲 that I ate was my baby. I asked him to repeat what he was saying. He said I got him very well, he boldly repeated what he said initially.

Tears welled up my eyes 👀 and cried, one of the family members said there were more ready to feast on me as well. Suddenly a door 🚪 was kicked opened by the armed soldiers and they shot all the men in the room and raped women.

During a commotion and stamped, I was forced out at the side of a hut since it was made out of grass and ran away.

I spent day and night 🌃 walking to the destination I didn’t know. I would sleep in the mountain gorges without food 🍲.

I spent weeks and months in wild, one day I woke up in the morning and proceeded with my journey, some troops saw me and begun to chase me with floods of bullets, I jumped over a cliff and dropped off in the biggest river I have never seen.

I was good at swimming 🏊, the river was fraught of crocodiles 🐊 but I managed to make it across and continued with my journey.

I got to the dirty road and saw a truck 🚚 approaching, I flagged it down, it stopped next me and

I got inside where I found a couple of men and women that got luggage.

They greeted in the language I couldn’t understand, I said I was fine and asked where they were heading to.

I found out that they were traveling to South Africa but using dirty roads to avoid officials at the border.

We got to South Africa, but police 🚨 caught us and found out we were not having papers to be in the country.

We were taken to the police cells and news 📰 were all over the media about the truck 🚚 that were loaded illegal immigrants.

I tried to plead with that I was a South African, and reported my account but no one listened to me since we were on the wrong side of the law ⚖.

We were repatriated to Sudan again, I lived with a woman 👩 that became my friend on our way back. I lost all hopes that I would ever see my family in homeland.

I spent three years living with my friend, she introduced me to church ⛪ where I met the lover of my life.

I got married to him, he said his family used an African magic to commit evil 😈 doings.

I believed him since his life was committed to God. We started a family 👪 and became a citizen of Sudan.

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