Narrations v5

The car 🚙 we were traveling in, was washed away by the strong current as the river was flooded after the heavy rain.

We were coming from the wedding 💒 of my cousin. On our way back there was a severe storm that made a river to swell uncontrollable.

I thought 💭 I’d make it across on the other side of the river since the water was still minimal but water came gushing strong in the middle and the car bogged down.

I was with my three sons God had blessed me with, the car was pushed away and fell off from the bridge 🌉 and floated away, and the doors were opened while the car was twisting and turning by the strong current.

We all scattered around. Swimming 🏊 was one of my traits, but I had never swim through the moving stones, muddy water and logs.

I had to save my children that were on the verge of dying through drowning, I dived down and was on the hunting expedition for my sons.

Luckily, I found two of them, I swam to the bank of the river and left them on the ground. I had to go back and look for the other one.

Logs and debris were hitting my body and I lost hope if I would ever find my son alive.
I swam down the river and found my son floating, recovered him, and emergency vehicles had already arrived, we were taken to the hospital 🏥.

My sons were all survived, but doctors had to amputate my leg because it was severely hit by the rocks and debris.

We were discharged from the hospital and went back to home 🏡. I was using wheelchair ♿ and crutches to walk.

My heroic deed to save all my children was the talk of the town, journalists were coming and go from the house 🏡.

My sons grew up and I was happy about them and proud that I managed to save them all when we were being washed away by the river.

My first born still remember what went down on that day, but the last two son couldn’t remember because they were young to recall.

I wish their father would be here to watch them growing up, but he died when they were very small.

I was offended when my sons would not tell me if there was a parents meeting because they scared of being mocked as I was disabled I wished if their father was still around, he would attend those meetings and guide them.

I was happy when my sons were at the adolescent age, but they started to misbehave when they would go to parties with friends and sometimes not coming home.

I was heartbroken when my sons started to use drugs. They all dropped out from school, I was a successful tailor in town, but my business failed since my sons sold everything including equipment in the house 🏡.

I had registered for the disability grant and would be able to put food 🍲 on the table. They would hit me and demand the money 💵 from me to buy drugs.

They were in and out from the prison and I was no longer happy with them, there would be times where I wish I couldn’t save them from being washed away from the river.

I thought they would appreciate and proud of what I did for them. I thought they would finish the school and become professionals in their own respective fields of interest but they became a disgrace in my life.

My sons were all arrested for theft and burglary. This time around I could not able to save them.