Narrations v4

My husband killed my daughter because he thought she took his money šŸ’µ.

He was a car mechanic, money that he normally got from his customers, would be in cash and he chose to keep it in the house šŸ” rather than in the bank šŸ¦ for the reasons that known to himself.

One day he was fuming over his cash that he couldnā€™t able to find it where he put it.

We searched the whole house šŸ” as I was helping him to look for it, but we couldnā€™t find any monies.

He decided to consult a traditional healer, I accompanied him.

The traditional healer threw up some bones and staff on the mat.

He took some time āŒš as if he was reading šŸ“– something, eventually said, he was seeing a young lady taking his money away in the house šŸ”.

We went back home as he was angry šŸ˜” as wasp. I could see he was suspecting our one and only daughter who turned 17 years old the day before.

I am not a person whose beliefs are based on the traditional healers, as I was speaking to him about it and tried to making him understand that traditional healer was lying šŸ¤„, it couldnā€™t be our daughter that stole his money šŸ’µ.

He seemed not taking what I was saying, though he was traditional man who still holds onto his basics, he neither shout nor hitting anyone, he was the salt of the earth, that gave me some hopes that he would managed his anger.

We got home šŸ”, still angry as a furnace, he was kicking and throwing everything in the house šŸ” uncontrollable, I couldnā€™t able to handle him.

Our daughter came back late in the evening šŸŒƒ, holding some plastic bags as she did her shopping šŸ›’ on that day for clothing with the money I gave her as a birthday šŸŽ‚ gift.

On her arrival, he went straight up to her, snatched away her belongings and threw them around, he pushed her on the floor and started to flog her severely keeping asking her where his money was.

I tried to meddle between them but he hit me on my face with his fist šŸ¤œ and I found myself on the floor.

As I was lying on the floor, I saw something like a bag underneath the couch šŸ›‹, I woke up staggering and recovered a bag under the coach, I opened it and found cash stashed inside.

I threw the bag at him and he stopped beating her.
I rushed and kneeled beside my daughter.

I shook her but she was nonresponsive and I discovered she lost her conscious. I called an ambulance šŸš‘, she was declared dead on the scene, meanwhile I heard a gun šŸ”« shot at the bedroom.

I opened the door and found my husband lying in the pool of blood, with a suicidal note šŸ—’ that he was sorry, money šŸ’µ was mislaid by him.