Narrations V3

I caught my wife with a man in my bedroom, someone tipped me off that every morning if I leave for work a man would comes in afterwards.

One day I was off from work and pretended as if I was going to work and came back within a short period of time ⌚.

The front door πŸšͺ was still opened, I went straight to my bedroom where I found a man πŸ‘¨ sleeping 😴 in my bedroom. He jumped off and hit me on my face, he ran off leaving behind his suits.

I then left my wife and went to work as usual.
I came back in the afternoon to my house 🏑, she prepared a supper and we ate it together as usual.

We went to sleep as usual. She apologized for what happened, and I accepted her apology. I woke in the morning and prepared the breakfast πŸ₯£ in bed for her as usual and went to work.

I came back in the afternoon and she had already prepared a supper for us, she served it, before we ate I told her to bring another plate.

She ask who that plate was, I said it was for the visitor. She brought a plate and I dish it up and brought a chair and made a suit that belonged to the man πŸ‘¨ escaped to seat on the chair.

We ate our supper and went to sleep as usual. She kept on apologizing and beg me to hit her.

In the morning I woke up and prepared her breakfast πŸ₯£ in bed πŸ› as usual, I kissed 😘 her and left for work.

One day she told me that she’d host a house 🏘 warming party πŸŽ‰. We invited all friends we had and work colleagues to the party.

When refreshments were to be served around the table, I rouse up and thanked all the guests that came and I mentioned that there was only one guest that I needed to introduce, all the visitors were waiting with unabated breath for the new guest.

I went to the bedroom and brought a man’s suite and made it to sit on the chair and I dish a plate for it. Everyone laughed πŸ˜‚ and my wife’s friends asked her what was I doing, she said it was the game we used to play.

We went to sleep and in the morning, she was not in the bed πŸ›.

I called her name, she was not responding and I went outside and found her hanging on tree