Narrations v2

In my life I have one unsuccessful relationships due to the fact that I was unable to bear children.

My first fiancé had been together for the past five years. One day said he would love to have a baby with me.

Yes, I thought I was ready to have a baby because he had already paid brides prize and we were both earning enough to support our baby.

Something unusual happened, year went by without conceiving, then we decided to consult a doctor.

It was Thursday, the 29th June 2017 in the afternoon when my whole world came crumbling down into pieces.

The doctor took some couple of tests from me and came back to inform us that, I would never conceive a baby due to my ovulation problems.

My fiancé also underwent same tests from his urologist, to detect his abilities to impregnate, he was found not to have any issues.

We returned home and he told me that there is nothing would ever change the way he loved.
He continued to support me to get over my ordeal, and I thanked God for giving me someone who continues to love me despite of such black cloud that engulfed me.

Everything and anything went well as usual until I noticed his behaviors towards me changing bit by bit.

He was no longer contacting me at work every now and then, he would not come home. One day he was bathing and his phone was ringing, I answered it, a lady’s voice asked to speak with the father of her child.

I asked her who was the father of her child, he mentioned the name of my fiancé: Thabo Mweli.

I then asked her to hold the line, while I was off to him, I went to him and handed over the phone with a loud speaker.

A lady sounded so excited that Thabo should come to the hospital, her delivery was successful.

Tears well up my eyes and remained dumbfounded, I don’t when he dressed himself but I heard a car engine starting and he left.

He went on that day and never came back. He would take care of any costs in the house, now he had gone, I left with no options except to move out of the house, because he had found his happiness somewhere else.

I didn’t have any friends that a shoulder to cry on as they all disappeared into thin air. I then went to loyal friends of mine: my mother and father that gave me hope to see another day.

My parents were supportive ever since they got to know my situation. It took me couple of weeks to forgive and forget, I picked up the pieces and moved on.

I began to attend church for spiritual uplifting. One day a handsome man approached me after the church service, he asked me if I he could take me out, I assented to his request. When I got home, I spoke to my mother about him, she asked me his name, I told her he was Mandla.

My mother was rather reluctant for me to strike any relationship after what happened.

I told my mother that, Mandla is Christian, he would hear my story and love me nonetheless.
Although my mother was doubtful about Mandla, but me I was really looking forward meeting with him.

We promised to meet each other on the Saturday afternoon, day drew near and near and we finally met. He told me he was interested on me and wanted to settle down and start a family.

His last words of settling down and start a family, ate me up, that I found myself weeping. He asked me if I was alright. I struggled with some thoughts of not to tell him or tell him, I thought it was to early to let him know that, what if he fades away again.

Another thought was telling me to let a cat 🙀 outside the bag 🛄 for him to make valid choices.

I found myself stammering with words, he just pulled out his ironed handkerchief and wiped my tears 😭.

He calmed me down and I composed myself and told him my whole story of not bearing babies.

He said, everything happen for the certain reason and God will see us through.

We got married 👰 and lived together. One day I was not feeling well and decided to go to the doctor.

He examined me and suspected that I was pregnant, he advised me to go to the gynecologist, he recommended me the best one he knew in town.

In the outset I was excited, but perish those feelings, as they were lying to myself because that doctor found me not able to have a baby.

It took me few minutes before I reach his surgery. He examined me and confirmed that I was pregnant.

I told him that was not possible because a certain doctor uptown told me a different story, he asked me what was that different story.

I told him that doctor examined me and confirmed that I was barren.

He told me that there are some many bogus doctors, he asked who was that doctor who examined me, I told him who that doctor was, he said that doctor was arrested when found that his practice was not legitimate.

I left the surgery elated and my husband was more than happy and would preach at church about what God had done for him, that I was barren but through Jesus’s mercy, I gave birth to two boys and one girl. When got pregnant again with the third baby, I again went to the gynecologist as he was constantly monitoring growth of my babies.

When I was still on the waiting room, I met a woman 👩 of my age. We greeted each other, she said my sons were cute, I thank her.

She said, would like to have babies one day, I told her she would. She looked sad and despair, she said it has been a while and she can’t conceive.

I told her that I had the same issue and even separated with my fiancé because he found out that I can’t have babies of which I was examined by the bogus doctor 😷, it’s when I realized that I can really have babies after I moved on with my life.

She was looking at me attentively and amazed and said, that man was evil to do such a thing, but I told her it was God’s plan, I asked her what she was waiting for. She said was waiting for her husband to pick her up, had been to the same gynecologist I was visiting that had finished examining her and was found not having any problems.

Meanwhile a door opened, a man came in, and stood before us. She said that was her husband and asked him if he would love to have cute boys as such as mine. He said to her “let’s go, “ he took the few steps and fainted.

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