Mighty shiny stone at Mnambithi, KwaZulu-Natal

Residents of KwaHlathi at Mnambithi mining a diamond found in the area.

All the ways are leading to KwaHlathi at Mnambithi in KwaZulu-Natal to pick up the stones which are thought to be a diamond.

Samples of the stones were taken by the teams of Mintek and GCS to be checked if they are diamond or not.

Premier of KwaZulu-Natal; Sihle Zikalala said that mining of any minerals without proper rights to do so is illegal.

He also mentioned that as many people are flocking in the area from all parts of South Africa to converge in one place, is contravening laws and regulations for Covid 19 as social distance protols are not practiced.

Law enforcement agencies are to placed in the area to monitor the situation.

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