Men in South Africa should exercise or face life threatening diseases.

“Spending eight hours in front of a computer, another two to three hours in traffic and a few more hours in front of the television, is proving fatal” these were the words uttered by the spokesperson of Pharma Dynamics; Nicole Jennings.

Pharma Dynamics is a leading pharmaceutical company in South Africa, it provides various medication to heal diseases in general.

Pharma Dynamics has challenged all men of South Africa to exercise regularly to fend off perilous diseases that keep on haunting and kill them untimely.

Nicole Jennings mentioned that life expectancy of men in South Africa has dropped drammatically because of diseases such as prostrate cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, stress, depression, ect.

She said daily exercising for about one hour can eliminate such life threatening diseases to none, she also mentioned that people who think that they are too old to exercise should think again because exercising is health beneficial even during 80’s or 90’s.

She also urged men to walk a lot, choose steps rather than escalators, practise walk about during lunch or when they are on the phone.

Pharma Dynamics said treating cancer, diabetes, heart diseases might be costly whereas exercising can save your money and life.

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