SA is not ready to work from home, as Covid 19 continues to haunt the world.

South Africa went to level 5 lock down on the 26 March 2020 up until level 1 on the 21st September 2020.

Covid 19 compelled many companies to resolve to online platforms to conduct their daily duties.

Denmark is one country in the world that is capable to utilize technology to do most of the business online and it safe in terms of Covid 19 transmission.

So, is South Africa ready to transform into a nation of teleworkers? In a word, says the Internet Service Provider`s Association`s Ant Brooks, “no.”

“While it is quite possible to telecommute now – I work from home – South Africa won`t really be ready for cost-effective telecommuting until the costs of local telecommunications services plummet. And that won`t happen until there`s a significant shift in government`s approach to telecomms deregulation,” he says.

Mike van den Bergh, chairman of the Communications Users Association, agrees: “Unfortunately we are far from having the telecoms infrastructure to make telecommuting feasible. For telecommuting to work, broadband is essential. Tele-workers will not work comfortably or effectively at speeds which are materially lower than those they would experience in the office environment.”

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