Music: a syndrome of social ills.

We listen to music almost every day for various reasons. Music is important to facilitate learning in children i.e, children may find it easier to associate different vowels or alphabets with certain musical instrument key notes to remember them.

Music is also important to console a broken heart i.e, there are many R&B and soul music that can serve that purpose to those hearts that are hurt or cultivate love into our souls.

As much as music can be beneficial to our lives, it can be destructive towards the behaviors of people at large.

Research conducted by Gordon C. Nagayama Hall Mike Foster and Christy Barongan in 1995, indicated that people who listen to any music that contains sexual provocative lyrical content are likely to become sexual abusive or even rape.

Minister Bhekie Cele cited some crime statistics in South Africa and mentioned that 8,922 cases of rape were reported during the last quarter.

Government is fighting insurmountable war against gender based violence and rape if there would be some music that exacerbate such crime.

Government should put control over violent or vulgar musical content because it is a contributing factor to the social ills.

Journal by Clark and Giacomantonio, 2015: “Throughout every culture in the world, one can examine the important impact that music has on people immersed in that specific group. Sociologists and psychologists have been able to determine that music plays a crucial factor in one’s behavior and upbringing”.

Song such as “John vuli gate” would definitely exacerbate rape and sexual immoralities during the festive season.

Onus is upon the parents and teachers to ensure children are not exposed to such music of the bad influences.

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