Religion in Africa renovates colonization brand new.

Tabay punishment statue that was used in the Middle Ages under Muslim religion that Nigeria still use to punish culprits.

Black Africans are the one nation that is divided amongst other nations in the world. This gap or division among Africans is being used by another nations to turn them against each other.

Western countries torn Africa apart through the introduction of colonial government in the past. Colonial systems of government around many states in Africa gave birth to various western religions that were enforced to the Africans to adopt and did away with African indegenous methods of beliefs.

Christianity and Muslim religions demoninates in Africa and Black Africans were forced to follow such beliefs through colonization.

When I started my primary level of education, I had to receive a Christian name because indegenous or traditional names given to us were despised upon.

Those who chose to follow Muslim were named Farook, Bilaila, Muhammad. How many black Africas in Africa called Muhammad, even the president of Nigeria is Muhammad Buhari, he commanded that name on basis of the Muslim teachings, the teaching that originated in Saudi Arabia.

The question is what Saudi Arabia got to do with Africa? , What Judea or Israel got to do with Africa? Africans needs to understand that these religion caused havoc in Africa and when we still the devotees of these religions, colonization is getting renovated brand new.

Practices and punishment associated with such religions still oppress a black person in Africa. President of Nigeria is Muslim that simply means he would make the country’s citizens subjected to these stupid Muslim practices such as tabay.

Africa need to destroy churches, mosques, Muslims hats and gowns when got rid of colonization in the continent.

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