Drink water responsible.

Drink water responsible.

Water should amount to 60% in your body to produce bodily fluids such saliva, mucus, urine etc. Health authorities recommend 8 glasses of water or 2 litres of water per day.

Drinking water is also crucial to avoid contracting a urinary tract infection (UTI) when your bladder would be emptied regularly when urinating to flush bacteria especially in women.

There is a huge loss of water when you are sweating or urinating, hence it’s utmost important to replace water that is being lost in such way.

Drinking water is beneficial health wise but consuming a lot of water can be perilous. Drinking a lot of water can cause fatigue, vomiting, confusion, coma that lead to deaths etc.

Consuming a lot of water depletes sodium from cells in the body hence cells become swollen causing serious injuries to your muscles or hyponatremia.

People who are at risk of developing hyponatremia are athletes, soccer players, hikers, bikers, people who are obsessed with drinking water regularly.

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