Why people have lost trust in politics?

Politics in South Africa needs to adopt new approaches to gain support from the country’s citizens despite being old or young. Most of the people in South Africa, they do not have trust in politics because of the leaders’ conduct that is very far from being ethical.

Establishing a political party is a risky business because its survival depends on the support of a public at large. Trust in the public is very fragile hence it should handled with care.

It is utmost important for any political leader to practise good ethics in the eyes of a public. It all starts with the words being uttered by a person representing public. Most of the political leaders use dirty, vulgar language when addressing the public. Harsh and vulgar words are very detrimental to the trust of loyal members and diminish eager to participate in politics.

South Africa is young in terms of democracy since 27 April 1994. The country had been in turmoil for much long under the apartheid regime, yet members of parliament do not get along and fight openly in the eyes of public.

It is utmost important for the political leaders to work towards healing the wound that a country suffered during apartheid era, not exarcebating wounds that are already oozing.

Fighting in parliament sends wrong impressions to the minds of the public to lose trust in the system of government and proportional representation.

Parties have lost the political struggle focus, they are now being formed for business ventures whereas there is still a lot to be done to take a country forward and avoiding taking it back post 1994.

Propaganda, smear compaign, accusations etc, are all political games that are being played by the political leaders to secure them some positions in the government.

These games need a special attention to look at them as to how they can kill the image of a political leader and the party itself that is also responsible to govern the country effectively.

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