Kim Phac Phan “the napalm girl”

7 year old; Kim Phac Phan took off her clothes because she was scalded by the napalm chemical bomb that was dropped by the US army during the Vietnam War on the 8 June 1972.

Kim Phac was born in 6th April 1963. She is 57 year old. Kim Phac was photographed running for her life naked after a napalm bomb was dropped by the South Vietnam Army at her village; Trang Pang on the 8th June 1972.

Trang Pang was bombed because it was thought that Northern Vietnam Army are living in the town. North and South Vietnam were fighting over the idea of President Ho Chin Minh of Northern Vietnam to unite North Vietnam and South Vietnam under communism.

USA aided South Vietnam to fight the North Vietnam that she should not follow communism and it is believed that USA was responsible for dropping nepalm bomb that scalded a 7 year old Kim Phac Phan.

USA was blamed by all civil organizations in the world for supporting capitalism system in South Vietnam.

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