Wearing masks for long might causes some health issues as well.

Masks are a prerequisite in these days of the Coronavirus that hit the whole world including South Africa.

When we are breathing we exhale what is termed carbon dioxide: CO2 and inhale fresh oxygen termed oxide: O2.

Carbon dioxide is a gas produced by our bodies as a waste therefore taking it back to your system can lead to various health complications that were shown on the image above.

Masks were not meant to be worn for prolonged time periods but due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, masks are worn for almost everyday.

Nomakhavela Magazine appeals to people to get masks that would allow natural breathing patterns uncompromised, thick texture or material used to make your mask might be health hazardous to your life.

Breathing your own CO2 is literal associated with consuming your own stool of which it also carries insurmountable health hazards.

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