Can human beings live in space?

It’s has been a month the astronauts: Bob Behnken and Daug Harley headed up their way into the International Space Station (ISS). Their rocket called Space X blasted off on the 30 May 2020 and they spent 22 hours before docking at the ISS.

Space X and Boeing were awarded a contract by Nasa as private companies to build their own rockets of which Boeing was unsuccessful to build one but Space X managed to build their rocket that put Bob and Daug Harley into the space.

It has been 9 years since the Space Shuttle was retired and Nasa paid almost $90 million for a one seat to the ISS, there is no doubt that Space X will rescue Nasa to fork out such collosal amount of money.

Space X is also working its way to colonize Mars in the near future, probably by 2023 it will be able to send manned space craft to the Mars to check if human can live in the red planet.

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