Car mileage rollback on the rise

Odometer clipping or haircut is one of the rife habit that is being done by the car dealerships in South Africa. 

Mileage rollback is allowed on your own vehicle but not allowed for cars that will be sold in the market, that literally constitute fraud. 

When charging a car dealership with such crime, you have to produce proof to lay a charge against them. 

If you are looking for buying a second hand car, it is very important to be cautious and get a specialist that would test your car before purchasing it. 

It is also important to look for wear and tear inside the vehicle like worn steering wheel, seats. Our economy is very frail so you may end up buying a second hand car, of which that would be a bargain if that car was maintained regularly. 

Most of the second hand cars are not fully serviced that would give you some issues if you opt to buy that car. It is crucial to ask for a service book whenever you opt to buy a second hand car and chech its service history.

Follow up with a service center about the service history of a vehicle and check their stamp on the service book, some dealerships put their own stamps to deceive customers to buy partial serviced vehicles. 

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