Taking Africa forwarding

Some people praise and blame colonization in the same breath in Africa, they praise it in a manner that such system helped Africa to be developed or industrialized some other people blame it because colonization gave birth to discrimination, ethnic and political woes. 

It is utmost important to bear in mind that there are many heroes and heroines who fought with such systems to set Africa free through all tactics that were deemed fit, one of the main tactics were politics. 

There were many political parties that were formed around Africa to oppose colonial system and apartheid, but they have done a little to correct those damages that were caused by the oppressors. 

It’s been awhile Africa fighting with colonization and apartheid but she never succeeded as the continent is currently being exploited by her colonizers. 

Africa will conquer this war once the elimination of myriad political parties is effected to have at least two major political parties in Africa as whole. 

When these two political parties are formed, it mean Africa will have one president as whole of high caliber to take this continent forward. 

Myriad political parties translate that our ideas are different whereas we only have one mission to set Africa free from the chains of slavery, colonization, discrimination etc. 

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